New Year’s Cards // Pear Tree Greetings

Christmas is right around the corner, and I have a confession to make: I am the worst at sending Christmas cards. Cards in general, really, but I’ve never been able to get it together in time to make one of those adorable custom holiday photo creations! Every year I hope this will change, truly! Until then, I was really happy to discover that Pear Tree Greetings has some awesome New Year’s photo cards that are perfect for those “fashionably late” folks like me. I used two of my favorite photos from the shoot my great friend Jennifer Wiley did of Mike and I for our cards, and I love them.
I used Pear Tree Greetings for my Valentines this past year and am equally impressed with the quality of these cards in comparison!
I sprung for the envelopes with a return address on the back – saves SO much time!
The “CHEERS” card has a nice light background if you want to write a personal note!
Okay friends, fingers crossed that I actually pull it together in January and mail these beauties out!! I’ll never give up hoping…!
Merry Christmas!

* * This post is sponsored by Pear Tree Greetings, but the opinions are my own.