Married // Alyssa & Nate // Maravilla Gardens

Alyssa and Nate's wedding was pure magic. They traveled from their home in Texas to get married at Maravilla Gardens in Camarillo (truly one of my favorite venues), and their day couldn't have been more perfect. I was totally blown away by their love for each other. Here are some favorites from their gorgeous day - this is a rather large entry, because these two don't take a bad photo! | Maravilla Gardens Wedding | 001 | Maravilla Gardens Wedding | 002 | Maravilla Gardens Wedding | 003

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Lara // Mermaid Hair

My friend Lara is an incredibly cool, brave person. She packed up and moved to LA from Indiana a few years ago to pursue her dream job at Buzzfeed without knowing anyone in the city. She's an incredible writer, and on top of her fun Buzzfeed posts and videos, she is extremely passionate about educating the world on endometriosis. She regularly shares her very personal feelings on her blog and is a source of huge comfort to many others who suffer from chronic pain. I'll admit, I hadn't heard of endometriosis until I met Lara, and I was completely astounded to learn about what she has to go through on a daily basis.

This woman is so strong. She takes risks. In her latest adventure, Lara volunteered to let Buzzfeed color her never-before-dyed brown hair ombre aqua. As soon as I saw it I knew we had to do a portrait session, and luckily for me Lara was totally game. I think she looks like a superhero goddess, which is quite fitting.

From an artist's standpoint, I have to say - I've been in need of some new inspiration. Lara, thank you for providing it! | Ombre Blue Mermaid Hair | 001 | Ombre Blue Mermaid Hair | 002 | Ombre Blue Mermaid Hair | 003
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Married // Charlotte & Mark // Santa Barbara

Charlotte and Mark are an exceedingly kind, fun-loving, fashionable couple! They went to high school together in Virginia but didn't end up dating until several years later. They had an absolutely beautiful wedding in Santa Barbara and threw one awesome party! Here are some favorites from their day! | Santa Barbara Riviera Mansion Wedding | 001 | Santa Barbara Riviera Mansion Wedding | 002 | Santa Barbara Riviera Mansion Wedding | 003

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