My Look // Heat Wave Hearts

Okay, I know I’ve mentioned how hot LA has been several times now…but really. The only other thing that makes me this cranky is hanger (aka hunger-anger)…but lucky for us all, today is the first day we’re not going over 90 degrees in a week! I am overjoyed!! High of 81?! Winter is on its way! In spite of this sarcasm, I’ll still take this any day over digging my car out of the snow…!

Anyways, the heat wave kept me dressing like it was still mid-July! I wanted to wear something bright and cheerful to offset my sadness over the high temps.
Confession – this dress is a few years old from the Macy’s Juniors department. When are you too old to shop in the Juniors department? (Rhetorical question…!) Normally I hate strapless dresses, but the sweetheart neckline on this makes it a lot better.
I received this awesome custom bag created by Michelle Dwight for the Meet Make Do blogger retreat! Isn’t it such fun?!
Fingers crossed that I can start breaking out scarves sometime soon!

Dress: Macy’s from foreverago. Find other options here on Polyvore, on Modcloth, or Asos!
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Michael Kors, but don’t they look more like Sperry’s?
Tote Bag: Michelle Dwight Designs
Earrings: Modcloth