Megan Embraces Her Inner Indie Rock Star

Megan Roy is no stranger to this blog.  She has made many great appearances (such as here, here, or here), but never before has she had a post dedicated strictly to her.  Well, the time has come! Megan recently left Los Angeles and made a move back to the east coast. Before she left, I asked if I could photograph her in her favorite place in LA – Griffith Park – with her acoustic guitar.  Being the awesome friend/model that she is, Megan was more than willing to drag her guitar on a hike and let me photograph her for as long as I wanted. These pictures are very dear to me.  Megan is such a gorgeous person, both inside and out, and I think that shines through in these images. Without further adieu:






One of my favorites.  HOW ARE YOU SO PRETTY?



Hikers kept commenting how these photos would be great for an album cover. We agreed.


To finish, this is the photo that I used for my 365 project. Normally I don’t re-post, but I love this one too much! Thank you, Megan, for being so amazing. I cannot WAIT to see you in New Hampshire next weekend.