Katie & Joe // Married // The Adamson House

This blog entry would not be complete without first sharing the story of how I met Katie and Joe. Let’s rewind about 2.5 years to the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Mike and I had just attended Wine Riot, and we bumped into a cool looking couple outside of the venue. Mike immediately struck up a conversation, and we decided to follow them down the street to a local bar. That might sound super weird, but it was totally normal/fun, especially for four extroverts! Come to find out, Katie is a makeup artist, and Joe works in TV and is originally from Massachusetts (close to the NH border). We all hit it off and have kept in touch ever since!

Fast forward to April 2016 and it’s time for Katie and Joe to tie the knot at the Adamson House in Malibu. This wedding was such a dream! Beautiful venue, amazing food, the sweetest families, and the happiest couple – I had SO much fun photographing this day, and I think it’s pretty clear through these photos that everyone else was having the best time too!

Katie and Joe, thanks for being such delightful, down-to-earth people – I’m so happy to know you!!
001_KatieJoe_KJ2_0572 002_KatieJoe_KJ1_0395 003_KatieJoe_KJ2_0111 004_KatieJoe_KJ1_0099 005_KatieJoe_KJ1_0219 006_KatieJoe_KJ1_0138 007_KatieJoe_KJ2_0182 008_KatieJoe_KJ1_0170 009_KatieJoe_KJ2_0097 010_KatieJoe_KJ1_0144 011_KatieJoe_KJ2_0204 012_KatieJoe_KJ1_0257 013_KatieJoe_KJ1_0263 014_KatieJoe_KJ2_0216 015_KatieJoe_KJ1_0272 016_KatieJoe_KJ2_0260 017_KatieJoe_KJ1_0384 018_KatieJoe_KJ2_0266 019_KatieJoe_KJ2_0292 020_KatieJoe_KJ1_0434 021_KatieJoe_KJ2_0287 022_KatieJoe_KJ1_0416 023_KatieJoe_KJ2_0283 024_KatieJoe_KJ1_0422 025_KatieJoe_KJ2_0299 026_KatieJoe_KJ2_0311 027_KatieJoe_KJ2_0328 028_KatieJoe_KJ1_0522 029_KatieJoe_KJ1_0539 030_KatieJoe_KJ1_0552 031_KatieJoe_KJ2_0635 032_KatieJoe_KJ2_0551 033_KatieJoe_KJ2_0583 034_KatieJoe_KJ2_0651 035_KatieJoe_KJ1_0512 036_KatieJoe_KJ2_0538 037_KatieJoe_KJ2_0593 038_KatieJoe_KJ1_0562 039_KatieJoe_KJ2_0646 040_KatieJoe_KJ1_0672 041_KatieJoe_KJ2_0960 042_KatieJoe_KJ1_0564 043_KatieJoe_KJ2_0794 044_KatieJoe_KJ1_0610 045_KatieJoe_KJ2_0682 046_KatieJoe_KJ1_0633 047_KatieJoe_KJ2_0685 048_KatieJoe_KJ1_0637 049_KatieJoe_KJ1_0645 050_KatieJoe_KJ2_0703 051_KatieJoe_KJ2_0718 052_KatieJoe_KJ2_0730 053_KatieJoe_KJ2_0815 054_KatieJoe_KJ2_0806 055_KatieJoe_KJ2_0792 056_KatieJoe_KJ2_0953 057_KatieJoe_KJ2_0894 058_KatieJoe_KJ1_0708 059_KatieJoe_KJ2_0853 060_KatieJoe_KJ2_0898 061_KatieJoe_KJ2_0866 062_KatieJoe_KJ2_0858 063_KatieJoe_KJ2_0916 064_KatieJoe_KJ1_0727 065_KatieJoe_KJ2_0925 066_KatieJoe_KJ2_0940 067_KatieJoe_KJ1_0298 068_KatieJoe_KJ1_0303 069_KatieJoe_KJ1_0295 070_KatieJoe_KJ2_0975 071_KatieJoe_KJ1_0793 072_KatieJoe_KJ1_0795 073_KatieJoe_KJ1_0915 074_KatieJoe_KJ1_1128
Photography: Mary Costa Photography
Venue: Adamson House
Event Coordination: So Smitten Special Events
Catering: Peaches BBQ & Lobsta Truck
Desserts: Sugar Babies Cupcakery
J: MichaelAngeleo Music