Life // Happy Halloween 2012

I’ve always loved Halloween. Not because of the scary movies or horror decorations (I actually can’t stand these things), but because it’s always given me an opportunity to dress up and be whimsical. It’s also during my favorite time of the year – which, admittedly, isn’t the same on the west coast. Luckily, my east-coast-turned-west-coast family has adopted a yearly pumpkin carving tradition. This year, Megan suggested a new ritual to go along with it – wearing costumes! We all made our way to Griffith Park, pumpkins in tow, in the 90 degree sunshine and celebrated this mock autumn once again. It was delightful.
Any photos with me in them were taken by Jeff/Shakusky! Thanks!
I’m a bit obsessed with Jeff & Jennie’s Moonrise Kingdom costumes. We naturally had a mini photo shoot.
This Snoopy pumpkin has since died…two days later. Never by a pumpkin from Gelson’s!! I’m upset.
How I Met Your Mother costumes!
Ellen’s silent movie star costume allowed her to make good use of that amazing feather hat once more!
Some lovely members of the Garlic My Soul team!
Major props to Eric for his Battlestar Galactica pumpkin.
I hope your day is filled with fun costumes, candy, and pumpkins. Happy Halloween!