Style Spotlight // Stephanie

Even though Stephanie and I met just once before our shoot, she has one of those warm, inviting personalities that makes you feel like you’ve known her forever. She’s from LA and lives in LA (somewhat of a rarity here!) and works in entertainment as a development executive. I loved how she took a fun spin on the business casual look for her style spotlight!
What are you wearing?
A vintage jumpsuit that my friend Hannah gave me. It’s a favorite of mine because you can slip it on, pair it with a blazer, and you’re dressed. I’m all about simplicity! The blazer is also vintage – a St. Vincent’s find. The heels are by Clark’s actually, and they are insanely comfortable. Necklace from LuLu’s (a great place to find fun, inexpensive statement pieces that are on-trend).

How would you describe your style?
I look for things that are simple, timeless and flattering. My favorite go-to outfits are comprised of hand-me-downs from my mom (who happens to be much chicer than I am), mixed with one vintage or Goodwill find, topped off with a Forever 21 or H&M accent, just for fun. Also, cat hair (unavoidable).

What are some things you love?
A well-told story, and a solid Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon.