Life // Happy Halloween 2014

Our annual pumpkin carving/costume party in Griffith Park was nearly cut short this past Sunday due to Hall & Oates at the Greek, but we didn’t let that stop us! I also didn’t let the fact that I was in New Hampshire that very morning prevent me from making it to this favorite event with my friends, or from using blue hair chalk for the first time. I don’t think you’re ever too old to dress up for Halloween or enjoy the whimsy of this season, and I just love that I have friends who embrace this notion with me. Here are some favorite photos from our adventure this year!
Last year’s Forrest Gump and Jenny costumes were such a hit that the pressure was on for this year! We have Jennie & Corelyn to thank for this idea. While en route to Jennie’s bachelorette party (this past August…) I mentioned having trouble thinking of a good costume to use with Mike’s beard, and they instantly thought of a solution: Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox!
Jeff and Jennie, aka the Hollywood tourists!
Kelly & Jeff, a strawberry and farmer!
These horns were pretty easy to make! I spray painted a pair of devil horns and a headband and just glued them all together!
Nikki and Joey were from Jurassic Park – they even had a velociraptor!
Ryan and Lauren showed up and gave us all a laugh. “What are you guys…?” “We’re your mom and dad!”
A little hot dog with her vendors!
Mike easily broke his serious Paul Bunyan character – love that smile!
Love the Breaking Bad pumpkin!
A big thanks to Jeff Hayford for letting me borrow this group photo, and for taking all of the images of Mike & I together!