Floral Friday // Peony Bundt

As much as I’ve loved doing 100 different Friday Faves over the last two years, I’ve decided to mix things up in 2015. I like giving myself a photography theme, and I’ve discovered that flowers are one of my absolute favorite things to shoot – thus, every Friday I’m going to post a photo (or a few) of something involving flowers. I’m hoping this will encourage me to constantly create something new, to think outside the box, and also to write more on this little blog.

The above image is an outtake from a floral shoot I did with the amazingly talented Cameron Humphrey for the autumn issue of Zooey Magazine! I’ll be posting more about that in the coming weeks…! Who doesn’t love a bundt cake – especially when there are peonies involved?! I had fun baking for this one!

How is your New Year going? I admittedly still feel like I’m playing catch up on 2014 (still working on those photo recaps….), but I’m really excited about this year and the business opportunities that have popped up this week alone! I also had such fun brainstorming for the fifth annual heart cake shoot this week and got to spend some quality time with my lovely ladies. Mike and I are doing a color run tomorrow, and we’re looking forward to watching the Golden Globes on Sunday with friends after shooting some fun things out in Malibu. What do you have planned for the weekend?

Happy Friday!