Favorite Songs of 2012

Greetings from New Hampshire! I am now on the east coast, snuggling with a cute dog and enjoying the smell of warm cookies. Bliss! Since I posted my top 10 albums yesterday, I figured I’d take things one step further and share a mix via Spotify of my favorite songs of 2012! Isn’t this time of the year such fun?

Spotify has truly revolutionized how I listen to music. I’ve probably heard more albums this year than ever before. It’s also really interesting seeing what friends are listening to – this feature has helped me discover more than one new artist!

Here’s a giant three-hour playlist of my favorite songs of 2012. They aren’t in any particular order, but are simply arranged in a way I think flows. I hope you enjoy! My apologies if you don’t have a Spotify account…I highly recommend signing up.

And some photos, of course.
What are your favorite songs of the year?