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Friday Faves // 25

1. I came across the work of photographer Elizabeth Gadd on Flickr. Love her romantic, sweeping landscapes juxtaposed with people!
2. My dear friend Alyssa of Ruffle & Curl was named on Rue La La’s Bloggers We Love post this week!
3. This amazing kiss happened weeks ago on New Girl, but my friends and I are still gushing about it. Here’s an interesting behind-the-scenes article about how it almost didn’t happen at all. (Image source)
4. Studio DIY linked to the blog She Lets Her Hair Down in a post this week – I can’t believe I’d never come across it before! A bounty of beauty inspiration.
5. I video chatted this week with Becca, who is off on her grand London adventure! It’s still amazing to me that I can see her on my computer even though we’re separated by 5,000+ miles. Technology! (Image source)
6. Clothes on Film is an awesome blog that discusses, well, clothes on film! This interview with costume designer Jacqueline West for her work on Argo is fascinating. Perfect reading to get you ready for the Oscars this weekend!

Happy Friday!

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